Boards and Commissions

Our department is associated with several boards in the State of Michigan that keep the downriver community clean, organized, and business oriented. We are in contact with the boards below every month to ensure progress in our region. Community members involved in each meeting stand by our official motto - Omnis auctoritas populo est , "all power belongs to the people".

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 Downtown Development Authority  Tax Increment Finance Authority  Brownfield Redevelopment Authority
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TIF PA 57 Reports

TIFA/BRDA Board Members

  • Ron Moran - Chairman
  • Dean Philo - Chair Secretary
  • Charley Johnson - Board Member
  • Ed Swanson - Board Member
  • Rich Todd - Board Member
  • Cynthia Croft - Board Member
  • Donna Colley-Andrews - Board Member
  • Rob Pare - Board Member
  • Amy Jurecki - Board Member
  • Tim Schramm - Board Member
  • Grant Alberts - Board Member
  • Jaimey Roth
  • Anthony LoDuca

DDA Board members

  • Ron Moran - Chairman
  • Rich Todd - Vice Chairman
  • Moe Obeid - Board Member
  • Rick Sollars - Board Member
  • Jason McGuire - Board Member
  • Fred Voran Jr. - Board Member
  • Sean McGuckin - Board Member
  • Aaron Cox - Board Member
  • Mark Guzzardo - Board Member
  • Fadie Ghallozi - Board Member
  • Bob Swed - Board Member

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                                                      List of Boards and Commissions

  • Detroit Region Aerotropolis As an entire region, this board focuses on business acceleration in the Downriver area. The board is constantly involved with expansion and new investment around the Detroit Airport and Willow Run. 
  • Taylor's Brownfield Redevelopment Authority aims to redevelop contaminated areas (brown-fields) for reuse. This board is a part of local decision making to act upon projects which improve our environment. Click here to view the board agendas and minutes. 
  • The Local Development Finance Authority's main purpose is to analyze the patterns of employment or unemployment within our city. Their goal is to put plans in place which help spur growth within the community. This type of growth is mainly directed towards plans or proposals towards construction, rehabilitation, or remodeling an area within the district. With these improvements, jobs will be created.
  • The Tax Increment Finance Authority is a board that discusses and manages the capture of property tax used to promote development throughout TIFA areas. Click here to view the board agendas and minutes.
  •  The Downtown Development Authority (DDA) operates to halt property value deterioration, eliminate the causes of that deterioration, increase property tax valuation where possible in the business district of the City, and promote economic growth. With this board, the city is able to keep up with urban improvements. Click here to view the board agendas and minutes.
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