23rd District Court



23rd DISTRICT COURT - updated 3/17/20

In the wake of the Declaration of Emergency by Governor Whitmer and the President of the United States regarding the spread of the COVID-19 virus, until further notice, the 23rd District Court will operate as follows:

  1. All Jury trials are cancelled. Court will notify parties of the new date.
  2. The Court shall only hear Probable Cause Conferences, Preliminary Exams and Pretrial matters for incarcerated defendants.
  3. All General Civil, Small Claims and Landlord Tenant proceedings including pretrials, trials, mediation and motions are cancelled. Court will notify parties of the new date.
  4. All Informal/Formal or Plea Hearings for civil infractions and ordinance cases are cancelled. Court will notify parties of the new date.
  5. If you have a scheduled probation appointment, unrelated to a violation, please contact your probation officer directly.
  6. If you have a scheduled presentence investigation or alcohol assessment, contact your probation officer.
  7. Drug and alcohol testing will continue as scheduled.
  8. All Probation Violation hearings will continue as scheduled.
  9. Any Emergency Motions will be reviewed by the assigned Judge or the Judge on call.

Court staff will be available Monday - Friday from 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. to answer phones, process payments and respond to online requests. Payments to the Court can only be made online, by phone, or through the drop-box located on the front porch of the courthouse. Civil and criminal filings can be submitted by mail or inside the Court vestibule.

We understand that this is a unique and unprecedented situation and want to do everything we can to ensure the safety of our court employees and everyone who comes to the court. That being said, please do not come to the court if:

  • You are sick
  • Have been exposed to someone who has been sick
  • Have a compromised immune system
  • Have travelled internationally within the last 14 days

If you are required to attend court, please make sure that you are utilizing best practices of hand washing and sanitizing and practicing social distancing with those you may come into contact with. If you cannot attend your scheduled court proceeding due to illness, contact the court as soon as possible to request an adjournment, by calling (734) 374-1334.


The 23rd Judicial District Court is a limited jurisdiction court serving the City of Taylor. The Court has jurisdiction over criminal misdemeanors, civil cases in which the amount in dispute is $25,000 or less, parking violations, traffic violations, ordinance violations, civil infractions, landlord-tenant disputes, and small claims matters. In addition, the Court has initial jurisdiction on criminal felony cases for the purpose of determining probable cause.

Court Location

The 23rd District Court is located at 23365 Goddard Road, which is 3 1/2 blocks east of Telegraph Road and approximately 2 miles west of Pelham Road. From the I-94 freeway take the Telegraph Road south exit. Goddard Road is located approximately 3 miles south of the I-94 freeway.

Security / Screening

All persons entering the Courthouse will proceed through security. Cell phones are not permitted.

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